How to manage additional and shared voice mailboxes

User mailbox 

A user mailbox is a virtual storage location for the user's voicemail. Every regular extension you create will have its own voice mailbox by default.

Go to Extensions > Voicemail Settings.

You can set the pin and notification email here. Remember to save your new settings.

What is a shared mailbox?

In some cases, you may need additional mailboxes that are separate from your extensions. This is useful if you need to provide a recorded message on your voicemail, or need a general mailbox for a department or team. That’s why they are called ‘shared mailboxes’.

Each mailbox that you create functions in the same way as a user mailbox. Every time a voice message is left, a notification email is sent to the email address you chose at setup. You can also retrieve messages via any connected handset on the system, just as you would with your own mailbox.

Adding a shared mailbox

  1. At the top of the screen, click 'Destinations'
  2. Click 'Shared mailboxes'. Any existing shared mailboxes are listed.
  3. To add a new mailbox, click 'Add mailbox'.
  4. Enter a unique 3-digit number for the queue, and a name to describe it.
  5. Then, add the email address that should receive message notifications.
  6. Click 'Next', then 'Confirm' to add the new mailbox.

Configuring a Shared mailbox

Click the mailbox you want to edit. The mailbox you select is highlighted with a grey outline.
  • Notification email is the email address that will receive all new message alerts.
  • PIN is the 4-digit code you need to enter to retrieve messages from the mailbox, when calling from a connected handset. We highly recommend you change this from the default PIN code to ensure the mailbox is secure.
  • Select Time and Date to include these details to the message before it plays.
  • Select Caller ID to include the caller’s phone number to the message before it plays.