What is Call Barging and how to set it up?

Call barging, also known as Call Intrusion, allows managers and supervisors to listen into live calls between agents and callers; and drop in or barge into the call to assist with a problem.


How to set up a Call Barge

  1. To set up Call Barging, go to Admin > Call Barging
  2. Click on 'Add Barge Group'
  3. Once the barge group is created, you can add Group Members (these are extensions that can be barged onto) and Group Managers (these are extensions that can perform the barging).

How to Call Barge:

You can initiate a barge once Call Barging is setup, the 'Manager' dials *22 followed by the Member's extension. For example: *221234

Once Barged:

The 'Manager' can change mode by pressing a single button:

4 - (Default) Listen Only

5 - Whisper (The 'Manager' can speak to only the 'Member')

6 - Full Barge (full 3 way audio)