Helpful list of feature access or star codes

Most features of the Cloud Telephony system can be controlled or activated via the web portal and other tools (e.g. browser extension).

However, certain in-call features and other functions may be toggled by dialling the appropriate feature code from your connected handset:


*95 - access own mailbox

*95xxx - access specific mailbox (where xxx is the 3-digit mailbox number)

0 - access any voicemail (will prompt for mailbox/password)


** - blind transfer - transfer your current call directly to a specified extension, without speaking to the person at that extension first

## - attended transfer - opens up a new line and calls a specified extension. You can then speak to the person at that extension, confirm that they would like to receive the call, and when you hang up that call, the original caller will be transferred to them. If the person at that extension doesn't want to receive the call (or you get through to their voicemail for example) you can retrieve the original caller by dialling *0

Queue Members

*98 - log out of queue (stop receiving calls)

*96 - log back into queue (start receiving calls)

*97 - toggles between logging in / logging out of a queue

Call Pickup

*21 - pick up any ringing extension

**xxx - pick up specific ringing extension by its 3-digit short number (eg. **101)

Hot Desking

*78xxx - register your temporary location, where xxx is your own extension number (must be dialled from an extension other than your own)

*79xxx - deactivate (dial from any extension) - if dialling from your own extension then simply *79 will suffice.

Speed Dial

*0<speed dial number> - dial a stored number from the shared phone book (configurable via the portal)


*67<number> - withhold CLI for outbound call (where number is the destination you wish to call)

*74<assigned key> - enable/disable call forwarding rule

*1 - start/stop recording during a call (must be enabled on the extension first via the portal)