How do I change the target number my calls go to?

There are a number of ways to route your calls.

Below is a simple single divert but there are also multi diverts and simultaneous diverts along with more complex features.

If you simply just want your virtual number to route through to a single office or mobile phone, then simply click on the option Divert. 

This will open a new popup box with blank fields for you to complete with your new target’s details. 

Enter the destination number you wish to divert your number to and add a description if you require and set the duration. The duration is the number of seconds that the call attempts to ring the destination number before moving to the next step in the plan. 

if you need help on the other options click the (?) icons next to each feature.

Click SAVE.  

Don’t forget to SAVE the overall plan once you are finished to active the changes. This will now be a live change and all calls that now come in through the virtual number will be routed through to the new destination number.