How do I log into the portal?

Follow the easy steps to login to My Windsor and how to keep your account secure.

You will need your email address and password to login.

  1. Go to the My Windsor portal and you'll be presented with a login screen.
  2. If two-factor authentication is not setup, then you can log into the portal using your email address and password. 

Once you are logged in:

You now have the option to setup two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account. 2FA is not a compulsory requirement to login to your account, but it is advised to ensure your account's security is safeguarded.

  1. Visit

2. Once in 'My Account' complete the password setup.

You'll be able to update your password at any time, by entering your current password and replacing it with a new one. 

Login using 2FA

When logging in, you will enter your email address and password and then be required to enter a unique 6-digit code. You have the option to receive the code by email or SMS or through your authentication app, depending on how you have setup your two-factor authentication. 

2FA login

Manage your account security

To manage the security at any time on your account, click the menu icon Burger menu in the portal and go to 'Security'. Here you will have access to:

  • Manage your password
  • Setup two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • View logs on your account to check any unauthorised activity