How to add or remove individual features

Adding Call Features

There are 2 ways to add call tech. One way is to just click in an empty square and choose from the features on your account.

You can also add any features without having to rebuild an entire plan. 

Select the number you wish to add the call feature to.

Then double click on the GREEN line linking features where you wish to insert the new product.  

Select the feature you wish to add and follow the instructions to complete the addition.

Note. You will only be able to add features that are currently available on that number. If you need to add a new feature then please contact your client manager or customer services to have the feature added on. You can email or phone 0333 123 8080.

Removing Call Features

To remove a feature click on the icon in the call plan and use the delete button in the bottom left. Everything under the call plan will move up.