How to create a backup diversion

This allows your calls to be temporarily re-routed to a different number or call plan, in an emergency

This feature will always need to sit at the top of your call plan.

Double click on the green line at the top of your call plan and select 'Diversion' from the available features. 

Click Save to add this feature to your call plan. 

This will take you back to the call plan. You will then be presented with two different routes that your calls can take.  

The right-hand route will be your existing call plan.  
The left-hand route will be the emergency route that you can quickly switch to when required.  

To build the diversion, click on the red triangle to pick this route and you can now add the technology plan you want to be used on the emergency route as normal. 


Don’t forget to SAVE the overall plan once you are finished to activate the changes. 

Using the diverted call route

Once you've built the emergency call route, to use it and switch between the two call routes, simply login to My Windsor and click on your number to open the call plan. Click on the large red triangle at the top of the overall plan called 'Diversion'

Then, simply tick the 'Enabled' box to turn on the emergency routing and click 'Save'. Don’t forget to save the overall plan once you're finished to active the changes. This will now ensure that all calls follow the emergency routing plan as opposed to the normal everyday plan. 

To switch back, simply untick the enabled box and re-save.