How to create a Timetable

This feature allows you to control the type of call and time of a call to your staff. You can use it to quickly and easily set up individual timeslots, see at a glance who is available at what time and make real-time changes to call routing. 

If your organisation works to a rota, shift patterns or operates support lines, routing to pre-allocated timeslots gives callers a seamless customer experience. 

Open your call plan and select the feature Timetable. This will open the box below: 

Scroll down to until you find the Timetable settings section.  

In this section you will need to add all the destination numbers that you want calls to be routed through to. Add in as many people/numbers as you require. As with all features, you can enable whisper, call recording, personalised audios etc. 

Once you have created all your people you can now set up the times each day that the calls will be routed through to them.

Move back to the top of the form. Then simply drag from the start time to the end time to create a slot. This will open up further options on the right-hand side. 

You can now pick what happens in this slot and who the call routes through to. In the example above John or Ian take the calls in the morning from 06:00 - 08.30 and 18:00– 20:00, during the period 08.30 – 18:00 they go through to the office.  

Once you have blocked out all your required time slots then click SAVE. This will take you back to the main call plan.


If you have left any slots empty, you now need to decide what happens in these times. 

By adding the Voicemail to Email function below the Timetable means that all calls not captured by the Timetable will go straight to the voicemail.

Don’t forget to SAVE the overall plan once you are finished to activate the changes.