How to create a Whisper Audio

A Whisper Audio simply plays you a short message so you can identify where the call has come from before connecting you to the caller. This is personalised and can be used to identify a specific marketing campaign, business calls, branch names etc.

Open your call plan, click on the add technology box and select Divert box. 

Within the settings is a section called Whisper Settings where you can turn this feature on or off by clicking Enabled.

This then expands the options.  

To upload your Whisper Audio click on Select beside Audio. To upload a new file either click to upload from your computer or drag and drop.

Any uploaded audio files will appear in the list of File Names.  

Click on Select beside the file you require. The divert form will reappear showing the audio you have selected. 

The whisper will play for all targets in this divert plan. Click Save

Don’t forget to SAVE the overall plan once you are finished to active the changes.