How to create a Zone Plan

Callers can be automatically routed to their nearest branch based on the local area (STD) code they are calling from. Any number that cannot be identified by location (such as a mobile) will route to a default location or a fallback menu.

Open your call plan, click to add technology and select Zone Plan

This will open the box as below. Create the number of zones you wish to have. You could name your zones England, Wales or London, Birmingham etc. 

Once you have created a zone, enter the CLIs (area codes) you wish to be routed through to this destination. 

CLI’s for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have all been pre-configured for you. Simply select the country to add these CLI’s to the box automatically. 

Click SAVE on this box to go back to main call plan.

You will now see that a drop-down box is available under the virtual number on the plan. This allows you to select the different zones you have just created:

Click to add technology under each zone and build the appropriate plan you want for each location/office. They can have different call plans if each destination operates different working hours. 

Don’t forget to SAVE the overall plan once you are finished to active the changes.