How to create and update statuses in Call Manager Plus

  1. Click "Settings" in Call Manager Plus and select "Statuses".
  2. In the menu, select the three dots 3dots and then select "Add Status".
  3. You can assign your status a name and submit it. It will automatically display as a status within Windsor Phone.
    Create status
  4. You can rename existing statuses and/or remove any custom statuses. Doing this will automatically remove the status from the Windsor Phone. 
  5. As an option you can select “Enable Status Timeout” when setting up a new status. This is an automatic timeout function that will stop you receiving any calls during this period by logging you out of the call queue, for a specified time.

    As the timer will count down the time remaining and the status will automatically revert to a “Ready” status (if no upcoming presence has been chosen). 

    The timer can be set in hours, minutes or seconds, depending on what type of status you want to setup, either with or without a timer.