How to install Windsor Phone soft client

Make and receive cloud telephony calls, from your desktop or laptop, using the Windsor Phone softphone application

  1. Within your web browser (Chrome, Edge or Firefox), visit to download and install Windsor Phone.
  2. Select 'Allow' so the application can gain access to your microphone.
    Softclient  - step 1
  3. Select 'Allow' for the application to show notifications.
    Softclient  - step 2
  4. You are now ready to make and receive calls. 
    Softclient  - step 3
  5. You'll be able to use the soft client within the web browser or for easy access, click the  icon within the browser's address bar to install the application on your desktop or laptop and select 'Install'.
    Softclient  - last step
  6. Once installed, you can then pin the application icon  to your taskbar or dock for easy access. 
  7. You can now follow the steps to login to your account.