How to manage Cloud Telephony users

Find out how to assign users, manage user invitations and access in Cloud Telephony.

Once your Cloud Telephony user accounts have been set-up (see how), the manager or main contact of the account will have access to further options under the cog icon Cog.

These options will vary depending on the state of the user. See the table below for a description of the actions. 

Action Description
Assign user Assign a single sign-on (SSO) account to the extension for a new extension or when no user account yet exists.
Resend user invite Resend a pending invitation to a new user if they did not receive it yet by email. The user will need to activate their account on receiving the emailed invitation. 
Cancel user invite If you need to cancel a user's invitation to activate an account, select this option.
Send a password reset If an activated user needs to reset their password, you can send a password reset on the user's behalf. 
Enable access If an activated user account exists but access is disabled, you are able to give the user access.
Disable access If you wish to disable an active user's access to the system, select this option. 
Un-assign user If your user account no longer requires a cloud telephony extension, you can unassign the user.