How to manage users in Call Manager Plus

  1. Login to the My Windsor portal
  2. Click on My Products > My Cloud Telephony. This will redirect you to the My Windsor portal.
  3. Click the cloud icon Cloud from the menu on the left   
  4. Select 'Call Manager Plus'
  5. Under 'Users' tab, you will view a list of the users. Select the cog icon on the user you would like to update.
    Manage users
  6. There will be additional options available under the cog icon. These options will vary depending on the state of the user. See the table below for a description of the actions.




    Assign User 

    Assign an SSO account to the extension 

    No user account exists 

    Resend User Invite 

    Resend a pending invitation 

    Active invitation pending 

    Cancel User Invite 

    Revoke a pending invitation 

    Active invitation pending 

    Send Password Reset 

    Initiate a password reset on behalf of the user 

    Activated user account exists 

    Enable Access 

    Enable login access 

    Activated user account exists and access is disabled 

    Disable Access 

    Disable login access 

    Activated user account exists and access is enabled 

    Unassign User 

    Remove the link between extension and SSO account 

    Activated user account exists 

You can also “Remove 2FA” from a user account as a manager – If they already have this setup and would like it removed for whatever reason, e.g. they lose their authentication device.

Update user presence

You can now manually change your user's presence if they have require additional wrap-up time, have a scheduled meeting, break or lunch time.


Manage queues

Manage Queues will allow you to view all the queues that the user is allocated to.

  1. To remove the user from a specific queue, click the cog icon Cog.
  2. View when the queue was created and updated and how many users are allocated to the queue, as well as the extension that is assigned to the queue.