How to set a custom ringtone

Custom ringtone can be a ringtone or a brief welcome message followed by a ringing sound or music – or a personalised mix of your choice. It's ideal when you want to mask international or mobile ringing where there is a delay connecting the call.

Open your call plan, click to add technology and select the Divert feature. Depending on your call plan layout you may have a queue or simultaneous target feature instead. 

This will open the box as below. In the Call Settings section, you will see a line for custom ringtone.

Click Select button to upload the audio file you wish to play to callers.  

Any uploaded files will appear in the list of File Names.  To upload a new file either click to upload from your computer or drag and drop from your emails/desktop.  Once the new audio has uploaded it will appear in the list. 

Click on Select beside the file you require. The divert form will reappear showing the audio you have selected. 

Don’t forget to SAVE the overall plan once you are finished to active the changes.