How to set up a Call Rota?

This is also known as a Timetable.

To set this feature up, follow these steps.

  1. Select the number you wish to add the Call Rota onto. Once the number is selected, your plan will be brought up.
  2. Click on the Timetable icon

Timetable icon

This will open up the following window.

timetable window

 3.   To add users into the Timetable, simply click on the selected times in the calendar and drag the box down for the duration you wish for them to take calls.

You can also add the name of all employees under People by scrolling down in the Timetable box.

people time table box

 4.   This will then make it easier to assign timeslots to each employee. You can do this on the right-hand side, next to where the Rota is, and you can select the duration of the caller: 11 seconds for a mobile, and 30 seconds for the landline is the recommended call duration.

 5.   Scrolling further down, you will find all the same Call Settings as you would on a normal Divert. Remember to click Save.