How to set up a conference call

Open your call plan, click to add technology and select the Conference Calling function. 

Complete the fields under Settings, as required for how many people you would like in each conference room. 

Should you require a host, then ensure the Host box is ticked as required.

You can personalise the audios for your conference call too.  If you do not add any audios, then the network generic audios will play. Click Select to upload the type of audio file you wish to play to callers.  

Any uploaded audios will appear in the list of File Names.  To upload a new audio, either click to upload from your computer or drag and drop from your emails/desktop.  Once the new audio has uploaded it will appear in the list. 

Next set up the conference room for the call. At the very bottom of the Conference form, click on Add a new room. You can create up to 200 rooms if required. Enter a room description for the call purpose, set the ID number and PIN number for the room. They cannot be the same and will need to be 4 digits long.  

Click Save and don’t forget to SAVE the overall plan once you are finished to active the changes.