How to set up a Virtual Switchboard or Menu

Virtual switchboard improves call handling and business efficiency, as well as reduces staff costs. A menu gives you a professional image and is similar to an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu system.  

Open your call plan. Either double click on the green line or Click to Add Technology. Then select the feature Virtual Switchboard. This will open the form below: 

Click on the Select button and upload your audio which details the Menu options i.e. Press 1 for Accounts, Press 2 for Customer Service.  A menu will NOT work without the audio and will not allow you to save. 

Once the audio file is selected click Save

You now need to build your full menu and the call route under each menu option. 

Select the first option (1) and then add the call feature you want under this option. In the example above it is going to route straight through to the destination divert number, however, you could add extra features in here such as an introduction, sales message or another menu* layer first. Continue to build each menu option as required. 

*Please note you will need to have the upgraded version of the menu to be able to use sub-menus.  

Usually under the * or options you would add the Repeat option to allow callers to hear the menu options again. 

The Default menu option should be set by double clicking the menu option number and ticking Default Key.  This is the option that all calls will go to if the caller does not press a key.  If you do not select anything it will default to Option 1.  The default option changes to ORANGE and all other options will be GREEN. 

Remember to SAVE your plan changes when you're finished.