How to set up Special Days

This feature allows you to set up call plans automatically for all bank holidays (England & Wales dates only) or other days when you want to set specific call plans that are different to your usual working days. 

Open your selected call plan. This feature will need to sit at the top of the call plan, so it is the first action the incoming call checks, before routing the call through to the desired location. 

Click to add technology, or double click on the green line and choose Special Days.

You can choose to add your own “Special Days” for training sessions, shop closures etc. or you can select the pre-set England & Wales bank holidays. Remember to save once you’ve set your dates. 

This will take you back to the call plan. You can see that it has now created two call routes: 

If the date of the incoming call falls on a “Special day” (one of the dates or bank holidays that you have entered) then the caller will follow the left-hand path from the GREEN arrow.  If it is NOT a “Special day” they will follow the path on the right-hand side under the RED icon.  

Select each of the Green and Red paths to set the specific call plan for each route.

Click to add technology under each branch and build the appropriate call plan. Don’t forget to save the overall plan once you are finished to active the changes.