How to set up Virtual Extensions

This feature allows you to set up several call routes accessed by a 3 or 4-digit code, providing a unique route for each team or individual team member

Open your call plan and click to add technology and choose Virtual Extensions. 

Add and setup as many extensions as you require. 

You will need to upload 2 personalised audio messages:

1. to prompt the caller to enter the extension number they desire

2. to prompt again if they have done it incorrectly.

The maximum number of attempts is flexible and can be changed to more or less than 2 attempts. 

Save this box once you have created the required extensions and it will take you back to the main call plan. 

Use the drop-down option show below to change to each extension and create the individual call routes under each one on the call plan. 

Click to add technology under each extension and build the appropriate plan. 

Remember to save every time you make a change.