How to transfer mid-call

This feature enables you to transfer calls to anywhere in the world.

Open your call plan, click to add technology and select the Divert feature. Depending on your call plan layout you may have a queue or simultaneous target feature instead. 

Under Call Settings, simply tick the box next to Mid Call Transfer to activate this feature. 

Click Save. Don’t forget to SAVE the overall plan once you are finished to activate the changes. 

You can also set up quick speed dials to set up shortcuts to frequently used numbers. On the main plan screen of the call plan, click on Manage button. 

This will open another box like below: 

Click on Add a new speed dial and set up as many as you need by giving a short dial code for the target and description.

Once you have finished adding the speed dials you wish click Save

Don’t forget to SAVE the overall plan once you are finished to active the changes.