How to use Microsoft Teams

A quick start guide on how to use the basics of Microsoft Teams

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If you're using Windows, click Start > Microsoft Teams. If you're using Mac, head over to the Applications folder and click Microsoft Teams. If you're using Microsoft Teams on mobile, ensure you have downloaded the app on Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple). Once you've downloaded the app, tap on the Teams icon.

Next you will need to sign in with your Microsoft 365 username and password.


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Pick a team and channel

There's a difference between a team and a channel. A team is a group of people, conversations, files and tools all in once place. A channel is a discussion within a team, dedicated to a department, project or topic.

To start, select Teams and choose a team. From there, choose a channel and explore Posts, Files and other tabs. 

pick a team and channel

Start a conversation

If you want to start a conversation with a whole team, select Teams, from there pick a team and channel. Here you can write your message and press Send once your done. 

start a conversation

Start an impromptu meeting

Under the area where you type a message, click the Meet now button. (If you click Reply, then Meet now , the meeting is based on that conversation) Enter a name for the meeting, then start inviting people.

start a meeting

Make video and audio calls

If you're in a chat with someone there's two buttons at the top right of the chat window. These will launch a video call or audio call. To dial a number click Calls on the left and enter  a phone number. You can also view your call history from here

make video and audio calls

Reply to a post

Channel posts are organized by date and then threaded. Find the thread you want to reply to, then click Reply. Add your thoughts and click Send

reply to a post

@mention someone

If you want to grab someone's attention then type @ followed by their name. They will get a notification that you mentioned them in a conversation. This works for teams and channels too. 


Stay on top of things

To view your activity feed click activity in the top left of your screen. This feed shows you all of your latest notifications and everything that's happened lately in the channels you're a part of. If you want to set up custom notifications for a channel, choose .... next to the channel name, then Channel notifications. 


Share a file

Under the box where you'd send a message click the paperclip attach icon. From here you can select the file location and the file you want to share. Depending on the location of the file you'll get options for uploading a copy, sharing a link, or other ways to share.

attach a file


At the top of the Microsoft Teams window there's a search box which can be used to search for anything you need to find. This can include Messages, People or Files