How to use the Windsor Phone soft client.

This article will explain how to use the Windsor Phone desktop app.

Please follow the steps to install the Windsor Phone here.


Once signed in, you will see the following screen:

You can also resize the Window to hide the call history and only show the dialer for example.

Learn more about how to transfer a call here.


Basic settings:
As per installation, you are required to allow both Microphone & Notifications. Please ensure that the browser you are using has notifications enabled too, otherwise you will not be notified about any incoming calls.




- You can update your outgoing CLI by pressing ‘Default Caller ID’. This allows you to quickly change the number you want to ring from.

- Toggle incoming popup call notifications 
- Toggle incoming call ringtone

- Toggle call waiting. This gives you the ability to change whether or not you want to receive call notifications whilst being on a call 

- If you have any issues with the Windsor Phone, you may be asked to enable ‘Debug Logs’ which you can also toggle here.


How to make a call?

- You can either search for a name that exists in your company directory or manually type / paste a number in to call.

- By pressing , this will let you dial a number in and make the outgoing number ‘Anonymous’.

- You can paste, click, or type a number to dial on this screen.

Windsor Phone - User Dashboard

The Windsor Phone gives you access to both the Soft Client as well as the User Dashboard if you have the correct license allocated. To switch between these two, press the Menu on the top left and then .

Now you are on the ‘User Dashboard’, you will be presented with the following screen. By pressing ‘Start day’, you are now signed into the queue(s) and can therefore receive calls.


On this screen you will see a count of total calls, total status usage and set the status you want to be in (This stops you receiving queue calls, but you can still receive direct calls). You can also ‘End’ your day.