How to use Windsor Phone desktop app

  1. Login to Windsor Phone soft client for desktop. For instructions on how to do so, visit our guide
  2. You have access to both the soft phone/client and your activity dashboard. Click on the menu Burger menu to view both options. The soft client will handle your dialling and answering calls whereas the dashboard will display your usage statistics. 
  3. Setup your audio settings by changing your preference of microphone and speaker setup and test your volume. 
  4. Under 'Settings' Cog you have the option to change your CLI to 'Anonymous' to display 'Private Number' when dialling and how to change notification and ringtone settings. 

How to make a call

You can either search for a name that exists in your company PBX or manually type /or paste a number in the field. 

DiallerBy clicking Private, this will let you dial a number and make the CLI 'Private'.

By clicking Keypad, a keypad will appear and you can dial the number out manually.