How to use Windsor Telecom browser extension

  1. You will first need to install the browser extension.
  2. Once installed, you can login to the extension.


Main screen:

  • Extension: This is your own phone extension that can be used for colleagues to reach you directly and is fixed.
  • Outgoing Caller ID: This is the number that will be displayed to the recipient when you dial out. You may choose from a list of numbers (if available).
  • Number to Call: You can either type or paste a number in to dial. You can also toggle caller ID by pressing “Withhold Caller ID” to keep your phone number private.


Call History:
Call history shows all your call history and gives the ability to dial back.

My Account:
This will take you to the Account Management page.

You can setup screen popping and caller ID lookup.

To set up, you need the following links:

Screen Pop: The link or URL from your CRM which will enable customer details to pop up on screen when they call in. 
Caller ID: The link for your organisation phonebook


Click to Call:


Select "Click to Call mode"

  • Everywhere: You can click to dial any number that you come across
  • Allow domains: You can only click to dial the selected domains.
  • Block domains: You will not be able to use click to dial on the selected domains. Please ensure you copy the entire URL into the “Blocked Domains” box.