Manage and create audios

The Audio button allows you to upload and store all the audios held on your account. This means you can quickly change audios on multiple numbers across your account, without having to upload the file individually each time. 

Select any number and click Audio at the top of the screen.

You have three options to apply an audio message to your call plan: 

Upload an existing audio file 

If you have an existing pre-recorded audio file, simply click on the highlighted box to upload your file or drag it into the box to upload. Once the file is uploaded, you can go to your call plan and assign the audio file to the relevant section of your call plan. 

Convert text to audio

To convert a script or any text to an audio file, complete the following steps:


  1. Click Convert text 
  2. Type your message or script into the open field 
  3. Select whether you’d prefer a Female or Male voice from the dropdown 
  4. Click Process 
  5. Click Play to listen to your new audio 
  6. If you are happy with your new audio, click Upload audio, then apply a file name and it will appear in your audio file list. 

Record audio 

To record your own audio message  

  1. Click Record audio 
  2. Once you have your microphone enabled, click Start recording 
  3. Once you’re complete, click Stop recording  If you wish to re-record your file, click Restart recording

  4. Click Play to listen to your new recording 
  5. If you are happy with your new audio, click Upload recording, then apply a file name and it will appear in your audio file list

All available audios will appear in the file list.