How to add and configure Ring Groups

Ring groups, or hunt groups, allow you to place a number of extensions into a group. This allows you to select which phones ring, and for how long.

When the incoming number is dialled, the Ring group is selected as the destination. 

Adding a Ring Group

  1. Click Destinations > Ring Groups.
  2. To add a new group, click
  3. Enter a unique 3-digit number for the group, and a name to describe it.
  4. Click Confirm to add the group.

Configuring a Ring Group

  1. Click the ring group you want to edit. The group you select is highlighted with a grey outline.
  2. The first thing to choose is the 'Strategy'. This describes how the system will ‘hunt’ for group members:
  • Ring all means that all extensions will ring at the same time. If any extension in the group is busy, the others will still ring.
  • Cascade means that each extension will ring in turn. If any extension is busy, the system will skip it and move on to the next available extension.
The settings for Ring all and Cascade are similar:
  • Ring timeout defines the duration that can pass before a call is considered ‘unanswered’. This is only available if the Ring all strategy is selected.
  • Failover destination is the back up destination that is triggered if the call cannot be routed (for example, if all extensions are busy).
  • Cascade delay is the duration that one extension will ring before the call is passed to the next extension. This is only available if the 'Cascade Strategy' is selected.
3. Under 'Edit group members', you can add and remove extensions from the Ring Group. Selected members will be highlighted. 

4. If you have selected 'Cascade', you can choose the order that the extensions will ring.

5. Select one extension from the list, then use the arrow icons to move it up or down.

Ring groups with virtual extensions

Question: I have set up two virtual extensions, which call mobile phones. I have also set up a Ring group, and pointed a public number to that Ring group. The group has both mobile phones (on virtual extensions) in the group.

What I expect to happen is, when I call the public number, both mobile phones ring until one is picked up but only one of the mobile phone rings.

How do I get this to work?

Answer: Your concurrent calls limit is set too low. Please email with your account username and our Support team will help you.