Setting up the password call handling feature

Select the call plan, click to add technology and select the Password feature to add it.

This will need to be the only feature on the call plan:

In the Password form, click on the green Select button and upload a personalised company audio file that asks the caller to enter the password.  

Set the password – this must be numbers as it’s entered by phone - then click Save. This is the password/PIN that the caller will need to know in order to hear the announcement. 

This will now create two call routes on your call plan. The left-hand route will be what the caller hears next if they know the password and have entered it correctly.

Under this route create the audio announcement you wish them to hear, alternatively they can be put through to a secure line/destination target. 

If, however, they enter the incorrect password they will follow the path on the right-hand side under the RED padlock. You need to decide what happens to the caller if they get the password wrong. Again, add a feature such as an audio that tells them they have entered the incorrect password. 

Don’t forget to SAVE the overall plan once you are finished to active the changes.