How to manage Time Intervals

Time intervals are used when adding incoming call rules or forwarding rules for phone extensions. They allow you to set up office hours, lunch times, out-of-hours in advance.


Adding a Time Interval

To add a new time interval from your portal click Admin > Time Intervals > click on the “New Yearly Interval”, or "New Weekly Interval" button. 

You will need to enter a name for the time interval and optionally a description. Next you must add the days and times of the week covered by this interval. For example, a typical out-of-hours interval may look like this:


Click “Save” when done and your time interval will be saved for future use.

Updating a Time Interval

You may edit an existing time interval by clicking the the interval you wish to change. Please note this will affect any forwarding rule which currently uses the interval.

Removing Time Intervals

To remove time intervals, select one then click the "Delete" button.

Updating your number's Time Interval

Find the number you would like to change the Time Interval for under 'Incoming Numbers'.

Select 'Routing Rules'

Select 'Add' and then Select the Time Interval and where you would like to send the call during this interval:

Press Save and if it is activated; You will see it under the 'Time-Based Routing' List: