Time of Day routing

Change where your calls route automatically based on the time of day.

Generally all basic new plans come with time of day routing at the top. To configure your office start by adding it to the plan.

Upon selecting time of day routing you will be presented with the options.

There will be 2 or more "Zones" you can choose to route calls. In our example we will use Office hours and the default "other" zone. If none of your previous timezones match, the other route will be taken.

Feel free to rename your zones to represent your times. The set the times you wish to answer calls and click save.

The time of day icon will now show how many zones we have. Under each zone we can build any plan we wish. To swap between zones click the green arrow.

Here are our office hours.

In the plan below all calls between 09:00 am to 17:29pm will route through a single target number and if that call isn't answered it will head to voicemail to email.

Here are our 'other' hours. In the plan below all calls between 17:30 pm to 08:59am will route straight through to voicemail to email.