What is Dial Through?


Dial Through is a legacy inbound feature that was created to be used to make calls while displaying an inbound number. There are 3 call features that need to be activated on the inbound number for this to work:

  • VIP Routing
  • Whisper CLI
  • Dial through

The features are added to the number that the caller would like to display when dialling out. VIP routing is used to ensure that only authorised people can display this number when dialling out. All the approved numbers are added to the VIP Routing menu.


dial through 1


If anyone calls from the inbound number from a number that is not in this box, they will follow the usual call plan route and be connected as usual.

If anyone calls the inbound number from a VIP number, they will go through the Dial Through route and be prompted to dial the number they wish to call.


dial through 2


It is in this box that you get the Whisper CLI and be able to display your inbound number when dialling out.

Please note: All audio messages required for prompting to dial and errors must be added – there are no default options. The caller will need to consider that their outbound call will be billed by their phone provider, and they will also incur the inbound call costs to do this.